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October 12, 2015 //By Julien Happich
Calibration reveals order of magnitude better accuracy, says Yokogawa
Having just received the ISO17025 accreditation for its brand new European Calibration Laboratory at its European headquarters in Amersfoort, Yokogawa Europe B.V. took its centenary anniversary (it was founded in Japan in September 1, 1915) as an opportunity to make the news public and highlight the accreditation's implications for its customers.
"Because we are very conservative about our specifications" said Marrinan. "Yokogawa is recognized for the precision and stability of its instruments, and our philosophy is, 'don't go near the margins'. That way we can be confident our instruments will always operate within the marketed specs. But the proof of stability is in calibration, and as a side benefit, our customers get much better visibility about the actual accuracy and stability of their instrument so they can push their own measurement further".

Saying that, Marrinan emphasized this conservative approach didn't prevent Yokogawa from ensuring best-class measurement capabilities even for its factory-set instruments.

From around 600 Euros for a simple power meter up to 4000 Euros for calibrating the company’s WT3000E, the most accurate precision power analyzer in the world, often the cost of calibration is marginal compared to the initial purchase price, noted Marrinan, but the service is priced so as to apply mostly to the low-volume high-end equipment.

For now, the lab wouldn't be able to address high volumes, but it may be expanded if the calibration service ever becomes popular.

The lab runs automated calibration tests 24/7, with test routines spanning up to ten hours for the most sophisticated instruments. Each calibration runs across hundreds of calibration points, with roughly 40 measurements per calibration point.

The specially designed room is temperature controlled at 23ºC ±1ºC and has backup generators so as to function independently from the rest of the floor.

"So what are the costs and risks of not calibrating?" Asked Kroon to summarize his presentation and as a hook for the newly ISO17025 accredited service.

Working with tighter accuracy limits can prevent false passes or false failures during production or acceptance tests, but sometimes, the accreditation is a contractual requirement that customers want to secure, he said.

The calibration lab will double as an internal development tool, enabling the company to ensure that its new products will have undergone the most rigorous compliance testing and certification before release. Yokogawa's customers can also be totally confident that they also have easy access to accredited traceable power calibration for all their needs, avoiding time-consuming submission to national standards laboratories.

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