Capacitor manufacturer to evaluate Smoltek’ carbon nanofiber-based technology

March 27, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Swedish startup Smoltek announced it has signed an evaluation agreement with one of the world’s largest capacitor manufacturers, allowing the manufacturer to evaluate Smoltek's patented carbon nanofiber-based CNF-MIM (Carbon Nanofiber-Metal-Insulator-Metal) technology in a joint project.

The agreement is intended to lead to a production license agreement in the next step. The order value for this first step amounts to approximately SEK 1 million (about 90,000 Euros). The agreement will be valid until August 2020, with the possibility to extension. During this time, the capacitor manufacturer will evaluate Smoltek’s CNF-MIM technology from both a technical and commercial perspective.

“This is the first license agreement that we have signed for our CNF-MIM technology, making it an important milestone for Smoltek. Both parties understand that our technology has great potential in the market for miniaturized high-performing capacitors,” said Smoltek’s CEO Anders Johansson. During the autumn of 2019, Smoltek was able to demonstrate that the company’s CNF-MIM technology is competitive from an industrial perspective as it offers improved performance while using just a fraction of the space needed for conventional capacitors.

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