Cardiovascular disease diagnosis through Laser Doppler vibrometry: Page 2 of 2

March 09, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Laser Doppler vibrometry
Launched by a European consortium led by research centre Imec, the H2020 project InSiDe aims to develop a mobile diagnostic device based on silicon photonics to identify and characterize different stages of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

To bring the CARDIS prototype device towards commercialization, the InSiDe project will develop a true handheld clinical, battery-operated investigational device capable of measuring, quantifying and recording cardiovascular conditions. The researchers wil develop algorithms to translate the interferometer signals into data that are relevant to monitor and diagnose a number of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). The project partners will have to demonstrate in clinical feasibility studies the usefulness of the device for GPs and cardiologists, then outline a path to industrialization and manufacturability.

InSiDe is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Industrial leadership in Information and Communication Technologies (H2020) and by the Photonics Public Private Partnership Photonics21.

Over the next four years, InSiDe will be managed by imec, through imec’s associated laboratory located at Ghent University (Photonics Research Group in the Department of Information Technology). Medtronic Bakken Research Center (Netherlands) will be responsible for
the scientific and technical coordination of the project. Other industrial, academic and clinical partners will bring their expertise to the project: Ghent University (Belgium), Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Tyndall National Institute (Ireland), Microchip Technology (United Kingdom), Argotech (Czech Republic),  National Institute for Health and Medical Research – INSERM (France), Universiteit Maastricht (Netherlands) and Fundico (Belgium).

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