Cascade LEDs the goal for BluGlass, Bridgelux team

September 11, 2019 // By Peter Clarke
Cascade LEDs the goal for BluGlass, Bridgelux team
BluGlass Ltd. (Silverwater, Australia), a developer of remote plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) semiconductor manufacturing technology, is working with LED manufacturer Bridgelux Inc. (Livermore, Calif.) on cascade LEDs.

Bridgelux will provide funds for BluGlass to continue development work for manufacturing cascade LEDs using RPCVD tunnel junction technology. Until now LEDs have been made as single vertically-oriented diodes with the necessity to increase planar area to increase light output. It has been considered that novel diode material and contact schemes could allow for the monolithic vertical stacking of diode structures to increase light output for a given area.

The joint development program aims to successfully integrate BluGlass and Bridgelux technologies and drive commercial adoption of RPCVD-enabled cascade LEDs for general lighting through the future provision of RPCVD equipment and process licensing.

The JDA (joint development agreement) is non-exclusive.

BluGlass has demonstrated and patented so-called 'active as grown' RPCVD tunnel junctions for LED wafers. These tunnel junctions could solve the challenge of efficiency droop when multiple LEDs are combined in a vertical monolithic LED stack.

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