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September 17, 2019 //By Francis Lamotte
While Near Field Communication (NFC) first appeared in mobiles in the early 2000s, it has long remained in the shadows vis-à-vis other wireless technologies. Until Apple’s adoption for payments in 2015, NFC was mostly found on high-end Android mobiles.

3-Stroke configuration

Example of a 3-Stroke configuration via NFC.

If you are verifying or updating equipment configurations, an NFC Tag used alone can be a powerful, efficient and cost effective communication channel. However, when using NFC, you quickly realize that keeping the mobile against a device to communicate is not practical. This is especially true if you have to do anything on the mobile during the communication. NFC 3-Stroke configuration apps reduce configurations to a simple, intuitive process:

  • Acquire: Approach the mobile to the NFC tag to launch the app and acquire the equipment’s current configuration.

  • Modify: Take the mobile back. Review the acquired configuration information and make any necessary modifications to parameters on the mobile.

  • Update: Approach the mobile to the NFC tag again to transfer the revised configuration parameters to the equipment.

Acquisition (reading data) and Update (writing data) are generally quite fast. This is just the duration of the gestures of approaching the mobile to the tag and bringing it back. This simple gesture is where we see NFC’s advantages:

  • The selection of the equipment is intuitive and simple. There is no need to 'scan' for, or select an available connection.

  • The mobile and the desired equipment are paired and their connection is secured automatically.

  • The appropriate application is launched automatically.

  • The equipment does not emit advertising signals that increase in power consumption and unnecessary emissions.

In this scenario, NFC advantages overs BLE or Wi-Fi include:

  • Economies in material investment and energy consumption

  • Decreases in unwanted, excessive radio emissions

  • Improved security and discretion

  • Improved convenience in establishing and securing the connection, and launching apps

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