On-chip light field detection promises petahertz electronics: Page 2 of 2

July 27, 2020 //By Rich Pell
On-chip light field detection promises petahertz electronics
Researchers at MIT say they have developed integrated lightwave electronic circuits that detect the phase of ultrafast optical fields.
is scalable, and could potentially be used for shot-to-shot carrier-envelope-phase (CEP) tagging applications requiring orders-of-magnitude less pulse energy compared to alternative ionization-based techniques. Their results, say the researchers, open avenues for compact time-domain, on-chip CEP detection, and inform the development of integrated circuits for petahertz (PHz) electronics for high-speed information processing as well as integrated platforms for attosecond and strong-field science.

For more, see " Light phase detection with on-chip petahertz electronic networks ."

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