Circle-shaped LED string comes with 3D gesture control

September 18, 2019 //By Julien Happich
LED string
RocketLife’s CircleLight is a circle-shaped LED string with bezel and 3D gesture control, offering consumers an interactive wall light with sophisticated colour control and motion effects.

The 24 inches wide, one inch thin LED string luminaire hangs like a painting, its 200 high dynamic range LEDs transform any space into a flowing lightscape with layers of colours that blend, flow, and sparkle. Motion effects include desert sunset, shooting stars, and modern art. Advanced 3D gesture controls let users change the look of any room with the wave of a hand or a tap on a smartphone. End users can even create their own themes with the included LightDesigner software. The system includes the same LightDesigner software that RocketLife’s in-house artists use to create the effects, plus a simple smartphone app anyone can use to personalize lighting. RocketLife’s new Bluetooth animation processor drives the LEDs. CircleLight is built on the RocketLife Light platform, a powerful combination of Bluetooth hardware and graphic timeline software that enables designers to build interactive lighting products without software programming or hardware development.

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