Clean Sky project leverages AI to monitor pilot drowsiness: Page 2 of 2

February 25, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Clean Sky project leverages AI to monitor pilot drowsiness
Coordinated by Swiss R&D center CSEM SA, European Clean Sky project HIPNOSIS aims to provide tools to evaluate pilots’ fatigue state. Under the guidance of Honeywell, project partners CSEM, SERMA Ingénierie and Innov+ will combine artificial intelligence (AI) with aeronautics expertise to enable next-generation pilot-aware cockpits.

“CSEM will also use its know-how in the measurement of physiological parameters to develop a wearable sensor that monitors pilots before and during a flight,” added Dunbar. “The collected data will be fused with eye-gaze-related measures as well as head pose, observed by the vision system.” French company SERMA Ingénierie will be in charge of integrating HIPNOSIS into a cockpit prototype for preliminary testing.

Clean Sky II core partner Honeywell Aerospace is the one to define the requirements for the technology to integrate it into the overall pilot monitoring system. Final results are expected in 2021. Clean Sky is a public–private partnership between the European Commission and the European aeronautics industry, aiming to strengthen European leadership in aviation, focusing on the reduction of aircraft noise and CO2 and NOX emissions while promoting collaboration, global leadership, and competitiveness. Over 36 months the HIPNOSIS project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program will have access to EUR 800,000 grant.


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