COB LED holders for fast lighting assembly with reflector optics

March 05, 2020 //By Julien Happich
LED holders
TE Connectivity’s Lumawise Type Z LED holders provide quick and easy mechanical and electrical connections of chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays in a wide variety of lighting designs.

Customers can use the new LED holders to develop Zhaga-compliant modules. Low-profile versions are available, all featuring a snap-in retention that secures the LED in the holder during assembly and ensures proper positioning in the fixture. Lumawise Type Z LED holders are now also offered with an attachment feature for LEDIL optics, so the lighting designer can opt for beam-shaping flexibility in spot and downlight applications.

A Lumawise Type Z unit holds the COB-LED in place on the heatsink with the help of a sticky tape mounting or LED-clamping. The electrical connection is created without any need for soldering – a simple poke-in wire connection suffices. Wire sizes 18 and 20 AWG can be used, solid, fused and stranded. Attachment of LEDIL Elise optics is also simple. The high-reflectivity housing is molded in a flame-retardant halogen- and red phosphorus-free thermoplastic, rated V-0 under UL94. TE expects the new LED holders to be used in a wide range of new and retrofit interior and exterior applications.

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