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July 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Coming soon: Hi-Bri OLEDs out of the inkjet printer?
Scientists have succeeded in using a new active principle to reduce the number of different layers in OLEDs to just one. In the future, this could enable organic LEDs that can be printed with an inkjet printer. The first prototype of the new OLEDs developed can already compete with current designs on the market in terms of efficiency and luminosity.

In continuous operation, the researchers achieved an LT50 lifetime of almost 2000 hours at ten times the brightness of modern conventional displays. Within this time, the initial brightness has dropped to 50% of its value.

"Now we hope to further improve the concept and achieve even longer lifetimes. This would allow the concept to be used for industrial purposes," says Wetzelaer. With their newly developed single-layer concept, the scientists want to help identify and improve the processes responsible for reducing brightness.

The researchers published their results in the renowned journal "Nature Photonics".

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