"Connecting the analog world with the digital"

October 21, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
"Connecting the analog world with the digital"
The real world is analog, but more and more information processing takes place in the digital sphere. This holds true in all areas of electronics application, and in particular in automotive electronics. Against this backdrop, it is obvious that the companies controlling the transition from one to the other sphere are of increasing importance. Analog Devices (ADI) is such a company. eeNews Europe spoke with Stefan Steyerl, Director Sales Mobility & Transportation for ADI EMEA.

eeNews Europe: How important is the automotive industry as a customer market for Analog Devices (ADI)?

Stefan Steyerl: Automotive has a high share of ADI's global sales: In the last fiscal year it was 16%. Europe has traditionally been a strong automotive region, with a much larger share of business here. In addition, there is the trend that the value share of semiconductors in cars is rising sharply. This was already the case in the past because of the various electronic systems in the vehicles; now it is being driven additionally by electrification, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the automation of driving. Today, an average value of about $250 per car is assumed for semiconductors; with fully electrified vehicles at level 4 or 5 of automated driving, this content will more than quadruple.

eeNews Europe: Are there any development programs in the automotive industry that involve ADI? I'm thinking, for example, of Audi, which has a joint development program with several semiconductor manufacturers?

Steyerl: Exactly, Audi has the PSCP program (Progressive Semiconductor Program). ADI has been one of the partners since this program was introduced. As a chip manufacturer, such a program enables us to identify at an early stage which requirements OEMs will have on future electronic systems and, along with that, on semiconductor technology as a whole. This allows us to integrate these requirements into our development flow at an early stage so that we can have these components, solutions and systems available in time for the start of series production of the respective vehicles.

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