Contact-tracing solution to leverage against Covid-19: Page 2 of 2

May 07, 2020 //By Julien Happich
IoT solutions provider Kerlink and Microshare have jointly developed a turnkey solution to trace contacts proximity in the workplace to help to fight spread of Covid-19.

Only duly enabled government agencies, corporate-wellness and security officers, facility managers or other officials responsible for mitigating Covid-19 exposure can then identify the wearer of the device, thanks to its unique UID, and trace previous movements of people who subsequently test positive or who develop symptoms.

Designed to be interoperative with standard interfaces and widely deployed commercial data dashboards, Universal Contact Tracing ensures end-to-end security, privacy and reliability for the delivery of critical information where it’s needed. The data it produces is secure, GDPR-compliant and delivered through Microshare’s patent-pending rules and sharing engine to only the appropriate, designated people at the right time.

"Building on our existing Asset Zoning solution, which tracks the location of items such as hospital beds and wheelchairs, Kerlink and Microshare developed Fitbit-style wearable Bluetooth devices coupled with a non-invasive long-range network. They can be used for workplace proximity tracing even where cellphones aren’t allowed,” said Microshare cofounder and CEO Ron Rock.

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