Cooling solutions target 100W edge servers

February 27, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Congatec now offers three cooling solutions for a 100W edge server ecosystem built around AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 Series Processors.

With rugged cooling solutions and processor modules for 24/7 operation from a single source, OEMs no longer need to think about how to design in a processor waste heat management system. Perfectly matched cooling solutions are essential for the 100 Watt edge server ecosystem, as overheating can lead to rapid ageing and system failure. Edge servers with real-time requirements also need optimum protection against thermally induced performance degradation to ensure deterministic behavior, which further underscores the importance of high-performance cooling systems in industrial computer systems.

The cooling solutions come in three variants, all based on the COM Express heatspreader specification that has been standardized by the PICMG, i.e. heatspreader with heatpipe adapter; heatspreader with integrated heatpipe; and an active cooling solution. Together with standard COM Express heatspreaders, OEMs can now choose between four variants that cover the entire range of processor cooling solutions.

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