Coronavirus fears: a boost for industrial AR tools

February 12, 2020 // By Julien Happich
AR tools
The recent coronavirus epidemic is changing industrial processes for good, observes Delta Cygni Labs. The provider of industrial AR app POINTR says it has already witnessed a 400% increase in downloads in just two weeks.

Coronavirus is closing down factories and blocking professionals from travelling and the outbreak has resulted in airlines suspending all flights to mainland China, corporate travel bans being set up and practically locking down parts of China. Within are areas where multinational corporations have critical production units or component supply facilities.

Hyundai, Foxconn, Airbus and Ericsson have announced closing production and many others are withdrawing staff from China. There is a real danger of infrastructure’s and industrial facilities’ service suffering. In any crisis, keeping the basic infrastructure running is essential for ensuring public security and recovering. Therefore, industrial services must stay active and available at all times.

Industry analysts (Deloitte; Tech Trends 2017) have been predicting the raise of Augmented Reality solutions for a while already, but it seems that the coronavirus epidemic is driving the adoption of industrial AR to the next level.

The coronavirus epidemic brings companies to the question, whether to send staff to areas where service is needed and taking the risk of infection or not to send and risk damaging their business. The recent lockdowns and travelling restrictions, make sending staff for assistance impossible at the moment. Rather than taking the risk of service cut or exposing staff to new infections, companies should enforce remote collaboration, suggests Delta Cygni Labs.

The coronavirus outbreak forces companies to solve issues remotely, turning to collaborative AR solutions as an alternative to flying experts all over the world.

“What we have seen during the last two weeks, is far beyond what we saw during 2019. It is obvious that travel bans force companies to look for alternative ways of working. But this has been a really fast development, I have to admit”, stated Ilmo Lounasmaa, COO of Delta Cygni Labs. “Our app downloads have increased by 400% in just two weeks time. This trend started in the last week of January and we decided to start a campaign to help companies adapt to the current situation. We are offering the remote collaboration service without charge through Feb 2020”.

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