2020: A year of medical innovation

December 30, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
The Dyson CoVent ventilator
The top medical articles in 2020 on eeNews Europe highlight the sheer innovation and heart of the electronics industry in responding directly to the Covid-19 pandemic

Medical technology in Europe, particularly ventilators to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, became an unexpectedly vital area of the industry in 2020. Manufacturing capacity was shifted to the production of ventilators to help patients with coronavirus, with established companies adding extra shifts and partners stepping up to ensure supply chains were supported.

The industry responded magnificently on the whole. Engineers developed new, low cost designs that were available as open source. New designs emerged from unexpected places, most notably UK vacuum cleaner makers Dyson and G-Tech, but struggled with certification as a medical device. The UK ventilator challenge went on to produce over 14,000 ventilators with two modified designs.

Testing was also a key area, with new ways of delivering the ‘gold standard’ PCR tests. DNAnudge, the startup run by serial entrepreneur Prof Toumazou re-purposed its ‘lab on a chip’ microfluidics technology for Covid-19, while Bosch pushed forward its Vitalytic platform to reduce the test time. By the of the year this was down to under 30 minutes.  

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The Dyson CoVent ventilator

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