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May 09, 2016 //By Hanns Windele
Creating a legacy through traditional values
President and CEO of Open-Silicon, Taher Madraswala has a quarter of a century of experience in semiconductor engineering. Here, he outlines his vision of how the market will change over the next five years…

HW: Do you have any advice for someone about to take up a leadership position?

TM: You must run the business ethically. Never try to create business opportunities where only you are winning. Since I have taken over, there have been opportunities to improve my profit margin, but I have gone back to the customer and handed a lot of it back to help them out on their selling price. I believe that if I enable my customer to improve their margins and get them more money, they will put money in R&D and create more products. Then, guess what? They will remember me and have faith in the guy who won’t get greedy. This way I get to build a relationship with my customer for a long time to come. Don’t look for short-term gains. If you are in it to build a company and a legacy, then it is a long-term game. These are good business practices.


Quick-fire questions

What is your perfect idea of a holiday?

I love to go scuba diving on a family holiday. I’m going to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt soon.


What’s your favourite food?

I like Indian food and I don’t like to experiment.


If you end up in prison, who would you share your cell with?

I have to be careful here! But I think my youngest brother.


How many digital comms gadgets do you have?

Two smart phones. One for India and one for the rest of the world.


If you had one extra day per week, what would you do with it?

Assuming it’s not a workday, sleep. Don’t get that much during the seven days we have in a week today.


What device would you dedicate to a museum?

The microprocessor, obviously. It’s an iconic instrument that changed the world. But I’m biased.


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