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January 12, 2017 //By Peter Clarke
 Crossbar ReRAM in production at SMIC
Crossbar Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.), a developer of non-volatile resistive RAM (ReRAM) based on silver-over-amorphous-silicon technology kept its promise to be in production in 2016.

Crossbar also claims the ability to do 3D stacking of its dense cross-point memory arrays, which together the ability to scale below 10nm and to store multiple bits per cell, would allow high capacity non-volatile terabyte memories on a single die.

Dubois said Crossbar was working with a company or companies to create high-capacity discrete ReRAM and that it would use a licensing business model there too. He declined to name any partners or licensees.

Previously Crossbar had stated that it would develop stand-alone memories under its own brand to replace NOR flash in code storage and NAND flash in data storage. "To enter the market has to be through strong strategic alliances," said Dubois. "We want to be the ARM of memory."

Dubois said that none of Crossbar's customers is in commercial production themselves with ICs with embedded ReRAM but now that they have samples from SMIC that point was approaching quickly. "This is a critical phase for the company and the market. We have to prove reliable."

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