Cryptocurrencies get their payment card

June 04, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Cryptocurrencies get their payment card
With the card it is developing, FuzeX aims to make cryptocurrencies as useful and as usable in everyday life as conventional currency is now.

The card to be launched during the third quarter of 2018 will allow users to check their balance of cryptocurrencies globally. The card integrates an electronic paper display for real-time information display, allowing users to select and pay with a cryptocurrency out of 15 different types of cryptocurrencies.
FuzeX made a partnership with ‘Qbao’, which is Quantum-based DApp (Decentralized Application) digital wallet, so that with the card, cryptocurrencies can be used freely offline and online.

According to a report from ETnews Korea, FuzeX also partnered up with ‘Energi Mine’, a British blockchain energy platform enticing users to save energy in exchange of cryptocurrencies.
FuzeX is also planning to set up FuzeX exchange to allow trades to take place between cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies and actual money.

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