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July 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
electronic patches
A team of researchers at the Robotics Institute and the Department of Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University has elaborated a novel design method to easily create customized electronic patches that fit specific functional requirements while conforming to any given body part.

Once the 2D contour and cut-outs (for some of the folds) are obtained, the laser-cut fabric, stretchable wiring and electronic components can all be laminated into one bandage, with a foil of adhesive later affixed to interface with the wearer’s skin.

A model wearing wirelessly connected stretchable and on-skin
compliant wearable electronics including a temperature mask,
vital monitoring earrings, a context-sensitive necklace, a knee-
worn motion tracker, a wound monitor on the forearm, and an
environment-aware bracelet.

The researchers were able to demonstrate various combinations of sensors, serial communication, and batteries to yield an untethered on-skin wearable device stretchable enough to resemble electronic bandages. Each patch was built around an ARM Cortex-M4F processor for on-board signal processing and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) radio for wireless interactive control. Using their proprietary tool, they were able to customize any electronic bandage in less than an hour, creating a number of wearable designs such as a temperature mask, vital monitoring earrings with pulse rate detection, a context-sensitive necklace (tracking food intake via high-fidelity acceleration and sound monitoring at the neck), a knee-worn motion tracker, a wound monitor (featuring a camera and a LED) and an environment-aware colour mirroring bracelet.

Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University –

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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