Customised displays options for ‘COVID-aware’ user interfaces: Page 2 of 2

June 02, 2020 //By Julien Happich
user interfaces
As part of the Anglia Inception custom and bespoke component design service, Anglia Components has enhanced its range of customised display options, giving designers the flexibility to create their own components when off-the-shelf solutions cannot meet requirements, for example in creating new COVID-aware touchless user interfaces.

All manufacturers have been fully audited using Anglia’s rigorous selection processes, ensuring a quality customised display delivered by trusted suppliers. Customisation options include addition of custom icons, characters or fonts, wide temperature range options, addition of capacitive or resistive touch panels, optical bonded glass, negative mode operation and special viewing angles. Anglia can enhance display functionality with a range of built in driver IC and connector options for data, touch screen and backlight. A range of display types are available including colour and mono TFT, graphic, character, VATN, OLED, AMOLED and Electronic Paper.  Designers can equip their customised displays with LED backlights in white or other colours.

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