Daimler flaunts extra-wide hyperscreen for luxury EV

January 08, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Daimler gives its EQ electric vehicle a giant display screen
Daimler's MBUX Hyperscreen reaches almost from door to door in the latest Mercedes EQS electric vehicle

The Hyperscreen contains three screens that are joined together under a curved cover glass.

This cover glass takes shape at 650° Celsius. The glass itself is made of scratch-resistant aluminium silicate, which is extremely break-resistant at a very low thickness. The control electronics for these displays contain 8 CPU cores that access the RAM (capacity: 24 gigabytes) via a fast memory bus with 46.4 gigabytes per second. For haptic feedback during operation, a total of 12 actuators are located under the touchscreen surfaces. If the finger touches certain points there, they trigger a perceptible vibration of the cover plate.

The brightness of the hyperscreen is adjusted to the ambient conditions using the measurement data from a multifunction camera and an additional light sensor. And because such a large glass in a vehicle also poses a potential risk to occupant safety, the manufacturer has provided an unspecified number of predetermined breaking points as well as five special brackets that can specifically yield in the event of a crash.

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