DDR4 Differential DIMM grows the OpenCAPI ecosystem

August 06, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Differential DIMM
SMART Modular Technologies has developed an Open Memory Interface (OMI) DDR4 Differential DIMM (DDIMM), complying with the OMI specification.

The OMI DDR4 Differential DIMM memory module supports a data throughput rate of 25.6GB/s with a latency of 40ns and densities up to 256GB. The new 84-pin DDR4 DDIMM is intended for use in standard server environments, using a serial interface and a differential Data Buffer (dDB) from Microchip. The DDIMM supports IBM’s P9 AIO and P10 processors’ memory attached architecture. The P9 AIO and P10 memory bus is defined with one read port and one write port per channel, each having eight unidirectional differential lanes supporting 25.6 Gbps data rate over the OMI direct attached to the DDIMM.

SMART Modular Technologies - www.smartm.com

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