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September 15, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Jensen Huang's defence of the Nvidia-ARM deal
Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, and Simon Segars, CEO of ARM, have been explaining the proposed combination of the two companies.

Several analysts and journalists alighted on the issue of regulatory approval.

Huang's first point was that for the purposes of export controls the country of origin of the technology is the relevant factor, not the legal location of the owner. He said ARM's intellectual property would continue to be mainly registered in the UK and so the transfer of ownership from a Japanese company to a US company would make no difference.

Callers pressed Huang as to what China's regulatory response to the proposed take over is likely to be. "We've been through the regulatory process in China with Mellanox," said Huang. He added that the China regulator is pro-competition and pro-choice for the consumer. "They will love it," he said. This response does not explain why Chinese regulators did not approve Qualcomm's proposed acquisition of NXP Semiconductor, which it appears may have had geopolitical overtones. But Huang has his own experience and an undeniable enthusiasm for the deal.

If enthusiasm were enough the deal would be done in a lot less than 18 months.

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