Demo car sports flexible rear view screen and LED-lit smart roof bars

March 30, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Demo car sports flexible rear view screen and LED-lit smart roof bars
In an effort to integrate more electronics into its moulded plastic and composite components, global plastic solutions provider Novares, formerly known as Mecaplast, has showcased a demo car during an event held at startup campus Station F, in Paris.

The demo car showcases patented innovations to make cars cleaner, lighter, more cost effective and user-friendly with new features to enhance car automation and connectedness, promoting emerging mobility and business models such as car leasing and sharing. The Nova Car #1 demonstrator, as it is called, is built around a BMW X1 model.

Novares' Bird View LED-lit smart roof bars.

As in many concept cars, the cockpit area sports a large display, with an easy-to-use on-board set-up, 360° augmented reality features and a tuning-free driver position. The new features are linked to 17 patents related to smart surface technologies, plastronics (plastics & electronics), as well as user friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) and connected enhancements.

The company made extensive use of LED lighting for mood accents and feedback. A noticeable feature of the car is the sleek LED-lit roof bars, that use lighting to give information to both road and vehicle users.

In parking mode, a blue flashing light makes it easy for a user to find the car. When loading luggage on the roof bars, green, orange and red lights indicate the weight of the load (relative to the bars' load bearing capacity). When driving, other users see lights, blue indicating that the driver has chosen autonomous driving mode, orange signalling warning or turning. The innovation gives increased visibility & security and the vehicle identification makes it suitable for autonomous driving, car-sharing and other new mobility applications. Inside the car, mood lighting has been integrated using EFI Lighting's Snake’N Light customizable solution.

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