Dev kit lets you design 8x8 pixel ToF sensors into drones

December 20, 2017 // By Julien Happich
To complement the tiny 8x8 pixel Time-of-Flight (TOF) image sensor it released earlier this month, Espros Photonics is now offering the epc611 Evaluation Kit to help engineers getting started with Time-of Flight development quickly. The kit contains reference design information and software.

The epc611 sensor, only 2.6x2.7mm in size, can operate in 7 different TOF modes to be implemented in many different industrial applications. One of these applications is the flying height detection for a drone (range finding). Drones need to operate from precious battery charge and require very compact and energy efficient solutions. This is an ideal playground for the epc611, which has a superior photo-sensitivity compared to conventional TOF sensors and therefore safes illumination power. The versatile operation modes allow the sensor to be equally well applied towards collision avoidance in the flying direction of the drone.

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