Device protects cars against ransomware attacks

June 25, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Device protects cars against ransomware attacks
Israeli automotive technology company ERM Advanced Telematics has developed a device that protects cars against ransomware. In contrast to conventional firewalls, the product does not slow down the real-time communication between the car and the outside world, the company claims.

In the past years, IT users experiences multiple waves of ransomware attacks: Hackers infiltrated PCs and laptops with malware which typically encrypted their hard drives; when that job was done, the malware demanded payment of a ransom and in return promised to provide a key for decryption. For vehicles, this procedure so far has not been observed, and no case of ransomware for cars has been published yet.

However, ERM believes it a realistic scenario that this phenomenon could spread to the world of vehicles. “It is not common yet, but it will be”, the company said. “As more and more vehicles on the road are connected, the threats will increase and become more common.”

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