Digging EDA's big data to speed up chip verification and tape-out: Page 2 of 3

December 15, 2017 //By Julien Happich
Digging EDA's big data to speed up chip verification and tape-out
Founded in 2003 by seasoned EDA veterans, California-based IC Manage made a business out of providing an efficient design and IP management platform for companies to collaborate on single and multi-site designs, supporting and tracking the design data exchange between project managers, IP owners, chip designers, and verification teams.

The new tool, Envision Verification Analytics (Envision-VA) uses big data algorithms to deliver customized, near real-time visual analytics and interactive reports across mixed vendor verification environments. It relies on predictive analytics, user behaviour analytics and other advanced data analytics to extract value from the data so verification teams can efficiently track the progress of their verification at a whole chip level, identifying bottlenecks to re-allocate their resources if need be. It is the first tool in the company's novel Big Data Labs initiative.

Through a web-based, secure interface, authorized team members get instant access to actionable, interactive reports based on the verification results data. Teams can also set regression pass/fail milestones and see the changes in progress almost immediately.

Bug tracking analytics lets engineers assign a ticket for further debug when a test fails, or update the bug status to pass, fail, or needs investigation. Then coverage results can be compared with pre-set targets and plans set across any number of axes, such as line, branch, FSM, code, and functional. RTL designers can resolve verification bottlenecks with direct links from the Envision VA reports to their design and IP changes and activity. A regression set that changes from pass to fail can be linked to design source files or test bench changes, for root cause analysis.

Envision’s default user interface can be customized for each team’s data fields and metrics with targets. It has a RESTful API to push verification results and log data into the tool, customize targets and integrate into business intelligence tools.

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