Digi-Key launches BOM MTBF prediction service online

March 29, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Digi-Key launches BOM MTBF prediction service online
Digi-Key Electronics partnered with BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd to create a powerful Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) calculator, enabling customers to evaluate their products’ Bill of Materials (BOM) MTBF.

In this venture, Digi-Key use of BQR’s software solution in a SaaS mode to offer a simple tool that makes it easy and quick to calculate MTBF for BOMs of any size. All one needs to do is export the BOM file and click on “Launch Calculator” on the Digi-Key website. The online application includes a library smart data auto-complete for BOM components using AI, fast calculation engine, and detailed Pareto and graphic reports. This calculator is not only easy to use, but also 100% secure where the components library and results are saved on the user’s desktop (not on BQR server). “The new BOM MTBF application will enable Digi-Key customers to easily compare different BOMs MTBF, making sure the design meets the reliability goal early in the design process, before manufacturing,” said Yizhak Bot, Founder and CTO of BQR Reliability Engineering. “With Pareto reports showing the most unreliable components, it will ensure the selection of components that balance reliability and cost. It will also provide measures for warranty analysis, design reviews, tenders, product data sheets, and design trade-offs.”
Users can also conduct quick “What If” analyses, checking how a components quality level will increase the product MTBF.

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