Digital IR proximity sensor is world's smallest

September 16, 2019 //By Julien Happich
IR proximity sensor
The TMD2635 digital proximity sensor module from ams occupies a volume of just 1mm3, enabling manufacturers of wireless stereo earbuds to develop smaller, lighter industrial design earbuds with IR proximity sensing built-in.

The IR proximity sensor supports earbud in-and-out of ear detection to help extend battery life between charging and can be used in tandem with another TMD2635 to enable elementary touchless gesture control without the need for buttons.

The complete light-to-digital sensor module integrates a low power infrared VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) emitter, two sensor pixels for near- and far-field sensing, and a digital fast-mode I2C interface, all in a miniature land grid array (LGA) package. Because of the split near-far field photodiode offset emitter to detector positioning, designers of wireless earbuds and other wearable and portable devices have the freedom to optimize both the size and shape of the needed sensor apertures in their industrial designs and optimize their products for comfort and performance – either a 1.5mm circular or a 1x2mm oval aperture. The TMD2635 module has an average active-mode current consumption of 70µA and 0.7µA in Sleep mode.

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