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July 15, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
As digital distributor Sourceability celebrates its fifth anniversary, CEO Jens Gamperl talks to Nick Flaherty
As digital distribution pioneer Sourceability celebrates its fifth anniversary, CEO Jens Gamperl talks to Nick Flaherty

Five years on from founding a new type of component distribution model, Jens Gamperl is very much about the digital supply chain.

“We started integrating supply chain vendors into technology – the first step, the most successful, is SourceEngine as an independent e-commerce e-marketplace,” he said. “We have 2600 suppliers, manufacturers, direct or franchised distributors with real time access to inventory and pricing.”

“The company turns five years old this week and our goal is to provide technology for the whole electronics supply chain, from the manufacturers and franchised distributors, through to  open market distributors and we have a lot of inventory through OEMs and EMS that the market tries to absorb,” he said.  

This is now happening with Sourceengine providing the link between all kinds of databases and customers to offer bill of material (BoM) management functions, real-time data and a global database of parts with full traceability. Five years ago, Gamperl bought a small distributor in Miami, Florida, to get access to the basic API technology to connect to the databases of both chip and system manufacturers.

Since then the company has risen up the ranking of global distribution companies and this week is re-vamping its branding. “In the last two years we were in the top 25 distributors globally with over $125m with 90 locations,” said Gamperl. “We have 550m data sheets, lifecycle information, cross referenced so we give the engineer all the tools to provide access to a truly global supply chain in real-time."

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Jens Gamperl, CEO of Sourceability

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