Diode laser micro-optics out of 300x300mm glass wafers

March 25, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Diode laser micro-optics out of 300x300mm glass wafers
A maker of high-precision micro-optics for laser systems, LIMO GmbH claims that for the first time ever, high-grade glass laser optics are now available for price-sensitive high-volume applications such as LIDAR and ID sensors.

The manufacturer says it is now able to process large 300x300mm glass wafers to fabricate cost-effective micro-optics, typically 25,000 units on one wafer. The company can manufacture FAC lenses as well as other acylindrical lens arrays featuring consistently high optical quality. The biggest advantages of glass optics are their high optical quality, long-term stability, and excellent performance characteristics. Glass optics provide flawless and reliable functionality over a temperature range from –40 to at least +105°C. Thanks to their zero hot-spot beam shaping, glass optics are also suitable for laser illumination in safety-related applications. LIMO’s manufacturing technique makes it possible to freely form surfaces along one axis, which allows the creation of any desired illumination area with an extremely wide angle (field of view of up to 120 degrees). This means that each sensor has a larger field of view—a benefit both in terms of the number of sensors required, e.g. in LIDAR systems, and for all types of consumer electronics in general.

LIMO GmbH - www.limo.de

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