A direct-drive display platform for microLEDs

September 26, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Direct-Drive is Plessey’s newly introduced microLED display platform, based on its proprietary monolithic GaN-on-Silicon technology, offering OEMs and product developers a solution to retrofit current products or develop new concept designs around a compact, flexible and high efficiency microLED display.

Direct-Drive targets specialised applications that require symbolic content, instead of individually addressed pixelized content. Due to the small form factor of the Direct-Drive display, it can be easily integrated into smart glasses, and head-mounted displays for navigation, sport & leisure, and optical instruments.

The symbolic content is fully customizable using monochrome or fully colourised segments with pixel capabilities down to 2-micron, allowing for ultra-fine, ultra-high-resolution detail. The display is self-emissive, and it can be driven directly from an external source, requiring no backplane which simplifies the manufacturing process and improves power consumption. Direct-Drive will come ready to plug and play, and will include a microLED display measuring less than 5x5mm, an embedded driver with open-source firmware, capable of driving the display die at up to 2A; an ATMEGA processor, a rechargeable (USB) ultra-small battery, an integrated Bluetooth connection and various interfaces such as I2C/UART/SDI/USB.

For AR applications, the Direct-Drive displays can achieve a much higher brightness than OLED with a power consumption as low as 50mW, allowing daytime viewing and a longer battery life, the company claims.

Plessey – www.plesseysemiconductors.com

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