dSpace, Velodyne team on lidar development

September 15, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Cooperation of Velodyne and dSpace speeds lidar development
Development tool vendor dSpace GmbH (Paderborn, Germany) has teamed with Velodyne Lidar to accelerate the development of lidar technologies for autonomous driving.

dSpace, which is considered an expert in simulation and validation, has joined the "Automated with Velodyne" prgramme for this purpose. 

This enables dSpace to model new laser sensors from Velodyne in simulation solutions and develop simulation models for testing and validation at an early stage and long before they come on the market. dSpace's target platform is the in-house simulation environment Sensor Simulation. With this software, camera, lidar and radar sensors can be validated along the entire development process.

The simulation platform generates point clouds in real time that represent objects. Using simulation models, development engineers can determine, among other things, the most effective positioning of a sensor on the vehicle (sweet spot). In addition, the simulation can be used to determine the limits of sensors (corner cases). The cooperation of both companies enables Velodyne to seamlessly adopt sensor models from dSpace for its developments.

"The earlier in the development process the validation of the sensor technology starts, the faster our customers can bring safe cars with new functions for autonomous driving onto the road. The cooperation with Velodyne makes a significant contribution to this," advertises Caius Seiger, Product Manager Sensor Simulation at dSpace.

More information: www.dspace.com, https://velodynelidar.com/

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