EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch

July 15, 2014 //By Peter Clarke
EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch
It has been more than 18 months since EE Times last produced a version of the Silicon 60. The global economic, entrepreneurial, and electronics business climates have all improved in that time, and EE Times has brought 38 recently formed companies on to version 15.1 of its list of 60 firms that we feel are worth keeping an eye on.

To make way for the newcomers, 38 companies have dropped off the list. Some of these have been acquired, some have ceased operations -- the last four years have not been easy -- and some have remained privately held but become mature with the passage of time. Those more mature companies, while no longer listed on the Silicon 60, may yet fulfill an equity investor's dream result of public ownership or a high-priced company sale.

The 60 companies in Silicon 60 v15.1 have been selected based on the consideration of a mix of criteria including: technology, intended market, financial position, investment profile, maturity, and executive leadership. They are emerging companies to follow, for a variety of reasons. The names of the companies brought on to the Silicon 60 at this iteration are highlighted in red in the listing that follows on the next 10 pages.

Readers are welcome to nominate their own emerging, privately held companies for inclusion in a future version of the Silicon 60 list. Nominations should be supported by a short citation providing basic details about the company and explaining why the company is suitable for inclusion on the list. (Send emails to EE Times with subject line "Silicon 60".)

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