Electronic temperature breach indicators

January 09, 2020 // By Julien Happich
temperature breach
Smart indicator technology provider Timestrip has launched a completely new category of product: eTimestrip, designed as a small, robust electronic Temperature Indicate and Report (TIR) device to reliably detect temperature breaches during product storage and transportation.

The compact indicators are affixed to product packages, and provide a clear visual indication of the temperature conditions to which the package has been exposed during the entire supply chain, including the ‘last mile’. Traffic light LEDs on the device show status information, and a free smartphone app allows users to retrieve data wirelessly for a more detailed report showing the date, time and extent of any temperature breaches that may have occurred. By providing an auditable timed record of breaches, the devices open up a wide range of applications that can be monitored cost effectively throughout the supply chain. They will be used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, bulk food and other high value applications with temperature sensitive products. eTimestrip indicators fit between traditional chemical indicators and expensive data loggers, where they provide a cost effective solution without complex software or special training to use. At launch, two products are available: ‘eTimestrip TIR 2-8°C’ is designed principally for pharmaceuticals shipments, and ‘TIR No Freeze 0°C’ is intended for use on products sensitive to freezing temperatures. Both products have a measuring range of -30°C to +70°C. The new eTimestrip electronic indicators complement the company’s core product offering of stock, bespoke and custom branded indicators.

Timestrip - www.timestrip.com

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