Embedded firewall protects ECUs from cyberattacks

December 19, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Embedded firewall
Part of the Sectigo IoT Identity Platform, the Sectigo Embedded Firewall for Automotive was developed specifically for transportation security.

To speed adoption–and security–across the automotive supply chain, EDA company Mentor has integrated the Sectigo Embedded Firewall for Automotive with its popular AUTOSAR platform. Sectigo’s Embedded Firewall enables automotive ECU suppliers to enforce filtering rules, perform anomaly detection, and identify traffic variances to prevent cyberattacks. This unique functionality maximizes driver safety and helps prevent the loss of intellectual property, disruption of services, and proliferation of an attack to other systems, explains Alan Grau, VP of IoT/Embedded Solutions, Sectigo. “With integration of our embedded firewall into its AUTOSAR platform, Mentor is expanding distribution, integration, and access to critical cybersecurity technology to its base of automotive ECU customers across the industry.” Embedded firewalls help prevent access from outside cyberattacks on a car’s electronics, while still enabling authenticated access for software upgrades and updates. The firewall works with AUTOSAR, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and Linux to configure filtering rules, it offers deep packet inspection for industrial protocols, including CAN bus and meets the requirements of automotive systems by enforcing defined security policies, limiting communication with vehicle control systems to a small set of trusted hosts, and blocking attacks from any other source.

Sectigo – www.sectigo.com

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