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June 26, 2020 //By Julien Happich
memory market
Emerging memories have been relegated to niches for decades, but that scenario has taken an abrupt turn. Recent market dynamic changes are suddenly opening the door to their widespread use.

Many contenders in the race

It’s not completely clear which memory technology will emerge as the winner in this battle, though. The report investigates phase-change memory (PCM), ReRAM, ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), MRAM, and a number of technologies that aren’t yet as mature as these, and gives each technology’s competitive strengths and weaknesses. Nearly 100 company profiles identify each participant and explain how each plans to address this market shift. These companies include chip makers, technology licensors, foundries, and tool makers, to cover every corner of the semiconductor supply chain. The 203-page report includes 142 figures and 31 tables, providing detailed forecasts for embedded memory on SoCs, discrete emerging memory chips like MRAM and ReRAM, and 3D XPoint memory. A capital equipment forecast models the demand for new equipment to support the market’s transition from today’s to tomorrow’s memory technologies. The report can be purchased online for immediate download at https://Objective-Analysis.com/reports/#Emerging

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