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November 14, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
Energy-harvesting controller eliminates batteries in IoT devices
Renesas has developed an energy-harvesting embedded controller that can eliminate the need to use batteries in IoT devices.
driving an external display using Memory-In-Pixel1 LCD technology that consumes virtually no power to retain an image. 

“I am very pleased that Renesas achieved this milestone to productize our SOTB technology into a first-of-its-kind solution in the energy harvesting market,” said Yoshikazu Yokota, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Industrial Solution Business Unit of Renesas. “By removing the need for batteries, or the need to replace batteries, new markets will open for us and our customers."

"Energy harvesting will become a mandatory technology for a smart society and Renesas is poised to lead and expand this technology, and this market. Renesas continues to push forward with e-AI to realize AI at the endpoint, in embedded devices. Looking forward, our SOTB technology will expand our reach into use cases where combining e-AI and energy harvesting will make a very large positive impact to our day-to-day lives."  

For security, which is a key consideration for IoT nodes an dmore difficult to implement in an eenrgy harvesting system, the device includes a true random number generator, a unique ID for each R7F0E device and AES encryption acceleration.

Samples of the R7F0E are available now for beta customers, and samples are scheduled to be available for general customers from July 2019. Mass production is scheduled to start from October 2019.

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