Entry-level 32bit microcontroller for consumer applications

December 07, 2011 //By Nick Flaherty
Entry-level 32bit microcontroller for consumer applications
Atmel has launched an entry-level 32bit microcontroller for designs requiring low-power capacitive touch as well as other consumer and industrial applications.

The UC3D series includes a hardware QTouch capacitive touch interface, USB full-speed device, RTC with calendar, 10bit ADC, USART, SPI, TWI, PWM and I2S . With SleepWalking technology integrated into the device, the UC3D MCU can be woken from sleep mode via a peripheral. In capacitive touch applications, the device can be put into sleep mode and woken by proximity touch. The capacitive touch module found on the UC3D supports up to 25 channels in hardware, and each channel can be configured as buttons, sliders and wheels. Multiple touch channels can be grouped together for better performance and greater flexibility in applications where different sensitivity levels are needed on different channels.
By bundling sensors in groups, design engineers can use different surface materials and experience an easier implementation. The glue logic controller contains programmable logic and lookup tables which can be connected to general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins, which can reduce the amount of external components. This, in turn, can reduce system cost and board space. The UC3D is pin-compatible with the UC3 B Series. The UC3B offers higher memory densities and USB OTG, as well as a migration path for existing UC3D customers requiring more functionality and performance.
All the Atmel AVR UC3 devices are supported by the Atmel AVR Studio 5 and the AVR Software Framework for development and debugging of embedded applications. Designers can use the Atmel STK600 with routing cards for development. The STK600 can be programmed by any of the AVR JTAG debuggers, including AVR ONE!, JTAGICE3 and AVR Dragon that support basic programming and run-time control debugging, while AVR ONE! adds support for data and instruction trace. The AVR UC3 family is also fully supported by the IAR Embedded Workbench.


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