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July 18, 2019 //By Steve Hughes
electric vehicle
The rise of the electric vehicle, or EV, is inevitable. Over the past decade, many car manufacturers, including BMW, Audi and of course Tesla, have blown the lid off this new technology. As EV battery capacity and motor efficiency continue to increase, the ability to charge the batteries within a reasonable timeframe is of the utmost importance.

An ideal way to filter out unwanted frequencies is an electrical choke, such as those offered by REO UK. These devices use inductance to act somewhat like an electromagnetic flywheel, absorbing and smoothing out transient currents or high frequencies. As adoption of the EV increases, the ability to maintain an electrically smooth mains network becomes paramount.

Now that the major automobile manufacturers are driving into the EV market, the need to future proof the grid presses harder every year. For all the advantages electrifying the road network brings, it’s all for naught without suitable, reliable infrastructure. There’s still a lot to do before we can reap the benefits of the EV as a society. We have the solutions; they just need applying.

About the author:

Steve Hughes is managing director of power quality specialist REO UK -

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