Feature rich DAB+ Pro range extends with memory

June 30, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Feature rich DAB+ Pro range extends with memory
Digital radio (DAB+) continues its growth across Europe with strong progress seen in a growing number of territories ranging from established markets such as Germany and the UK through to newer markets such as France and Belgium.

Frontier Smart Technologies’ Pro product range has been designed to allow a wide range of premium features to be added to a digital radio, including a new chip, module, and software development kit. The Kino 4-Pro chip is now in production, which includes a larger memory footprint to allow features to be added to a product without compromising on performance. The Siena-Pro module, based on the new Kino 4-Pro chip, is also now in production. Kino 4-Pro and Siena-Pro are pin compatible with existing Kino 4 chip and Siena module, enabling easy migration. The software for the Pro product range (DAB 7 SDK), supports premium colour UI with integrated support for 2.4 - 3.5 inch colour TFT, OLED, and LCD displays. It supports multiple slideshow formats to delight users with broadcaster’s slideshows in both PNG and JPG format. A store demo mode is designed for eye capture, with custom slideshows that can be easily enabled / disabled. Up to four high quality clock faces can be configured by the user, as well as up to six themes for the look and feel of the radio. Create great bedside products with dimmable back lights and soft colour scheme to allow users to sleep close to the radio. In addition to fully configurable clocks, alarms, and timers. ActiveScan technology improves user experience by ensuring that radio station pre-sets and station list is always up to date.

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