Finger shaped copper heatsinks come in 72 versions

July 16, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Designed to cool power semiconductors, Fischer Elektronik’s finger shaped heatsinks come in 72 different versions.

The board level heatsinks of series FK 259 up to FK 282 are made of highly heat conducting copper material. They consist of a base plate for the cooling contact area and straight or angled cooling tabs extending from the base plate. Re taining clips are already integrated in the production process to ensure an optimal heat transfer between the electrical device and the finger shaped heatsink through a high contact pressure. Integrated solder pins are available for the horizontal or vertical PCB soldering of the heatsink, with a solderable surface coating complying with the EC directive RoHS and guarantee ing an excellent solderability for wave and reflow soldering. The series FK 259 up to FK 282 are thermally matched to the most popular transistor designs, such as TO 220 up to TO 247 as well as SIP Multiwatt and several more.

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