Flexible camera concept for line scan, matrix and 3D cameras

March 31, 2020 //By Julien Happich
camera concept
EVT’s flexible camera concept makes it possible to develop three different solutions out of one platform. Out of the CPU-Base-Board with FPGA and up to 1.6 GHz computing power, a line scan camera, a matrix camera and a 3D sensor can be built.

No matter if extremely fast line scan sensors or high-end matrix sensor need to be used, the base stays always the same. The DualCore ARM CPU offers with the available IP-Core a freely programmable FPGA and can be delivered running either at 800MHz or 1.6GHz.

The base-board can be connected additionally to a Connector-Board offering die connectors in M12 or RJ45, with clamps and status LEDs. The smart 3D Integration Platform (S3i) also has a laser and lens-holder. The laser are available in red, blue and green.

All platforms are built as smart embedded system and can run completely without a PC connection. This means the evaluation is carried out only on the camera. The PC-less platforms are also available in combination with the EyeVision Software, enabling an easy integration into a PLC through interfaces such as Modbus or Profinet. The EyeVision software offers TCP/IP and UDP communication and OPC UA for an integration into a SCADA system. The EyeVision Software can be programmed in a graphical user interface with drag-and-drop functions. This allows users to create inspection programs even without programming skills.

EVT - https://evt.eyevision-web.com

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