Flying probe PCB tester combines productivity, flexibilty

December 21, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Flying probe PCB tester combines productivity, flexibilty
High throughput or flexibility - this was hitherto the alternative; electronics manufacturers hat to choose which property was more important to them. With the A8a test system, they can have both, claims atg Luther & Maelzer. Designed for electrical tests of HDI products for smartphones, tablets and PC motherboards in the first place, the A8a offers cost advantages over fixture testers for small and medium batches.

According to atg, the A8a ensures productivity and efficient operation at high test quality and accuracy. Equipped with eight test heads and four cameras for optical alignment, the A8a can be used to test pad sizes down to 35 micron. Testing HDI products for smart phones, tablet and PC motherboards up to a test area of 18.0” x 12.0” on the A8a, it also eliminates limitations of test point density or fine-pitch contacts.

The system features embedded component test or a 4-wire Kelvin measurement with an accuracy of +/- 0,025 mΩ. It comes with a separate good and bad board stacker. The bad boards can be optionally labeled by a 2D-Code which indicates the reference between the boards and the corresponding fault file, effectively eliminating manual handling failures.

The A8a is prepared for lights out operation. This capacity guarantees an operator-free test over the whole night shift. With the feeder capacity of 390 mm it is possible to test 650 boards with a thickness of 0.6 mm.

To speed operation, the key feature of the A8a is a new dual shuttle system, which reduces the product exchange time to less than 4 seconds in automation mode. In combination with the fast test speed of up to 140 measurements/second the A8a gives customers a competitive test solution for batches up to 5000 boards. Typical cycle time of a 4-up smartphone board is about 2 minutes.

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