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March 24, 2020 //By Richard Tiffin
Tech company backed by UK Government and Microsoft claim our food system is at risk. Artificial Intelligence fed by a Data Marketplace is the solution.

In the real-world, Agrimetrics’s projects have reduced the flow of pesticides into waterways and used predictive models to improve fresh food supply chains and animal health. However, Agrimetrics and their partners have grander ambitions for the future. 

“Average crop yields are around half of what is theoretically possible - we call this the yield gap.  In theory, if we could better understand why this gap occurs, then we could increase output on arable farms with no additional inputs,” concludes Tiffin.  

“The best manufacturers have used data and AI to increase production by 50% and cut waste by 20%; agriculture can do the same. It is possible to sustainably feed everyone on our planet for many years to come, but not without AI and not without data sharing.  I believe that this can only be achieved through a Data Marketplace that rewards those who are willing to share their data.”  


About the author:

Richard Tiffin is Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Reading and Agrimetrics' Chief Scientific Officer -

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