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December 11, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Four power trends for 2020
Gallium nitride chip designer GaN Systems has released its top four power trends for 2020


In 2019, GaN transistors drove a range of  smaller, lighter, and higher power adapters/chargers in the aftermarket. In 2020, GaN Systems predicts:

  • Growing momentum for USB-C and USB-PD products which can be used to charge any compatible product.  The days of one charger for one piece of electronics will quickly disappear and the days of one charger for all consumer electronics will begin to dominate. A single adapter/charger that handles every device regardless of varying voltages for a phone (5V), tablet (12V), or laptop (19V).
  • In-box GaN adapters/chargers (shipping inside the box with the computer or with the mobile phone) will start to become common. Pressure will build on computer and phone makers to deliver higher power levels for Fast-Charging.
  • In the aftermarket, one GaN-powered adapter with two “type C” ports will be capable meeting the high-power needs of multiple device charging in a small form factor.
  • USB-PD will garner increasing commercial interest across industries besides mobile phones and computers with its spec for higher power (100W) applications. Industrial markets will also demand a new generation of smaller and more powerful chargers for uses in portable test equipment, industrial equipment, medical and supply chain applications.

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