FPGA-based System-on-Module supports various softcore CPUs

May 21, 2019 //By Julien Happich
With the FPGA-based System-on-Module (SoM) "SpiderSoM", Aries Embedded is offering a basic module for getting started with FPGA programming.

Similar to its industrial upgrade MX10, the SpiderSoM is a programmable, non-volatile 70x35mm System-on-Module based on the Intel MAX 10 FPGAs. The entry-level SoM offers complete FPGA functionality, including support for various softcore CPUs. The company also provides the evaluation board SpiderBase for a fast design start with both SpiderSoM and MX10-SoM.The board contains a large prototype area and all resources such as design and Gerber files as well as the source code are available under open source licenses. The SpiderSoM supports Intel MAX 10 FPGAs from 10M02SC to 10M16SA in U169 package with single power supply. The board offers GPIO pins and optional 4 Mbit SPI NOR flash, 8 Mbit SDRAM and RTC with battery backup and lithium ion (Li-Ion) or lithium polymer (Li-Po) charger.
Aries Embedded - www.aries-embedded.com

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