FPGA mezzanine module specified to VITA 57.4

May 24, 2019 //By Julien Happich
FPGA mezzanine module specified to VITA 57.4
VadaTech’s FMC258 is an FPGA mezzanine module per VITA 57.4 (FMC+) specification. It has a single board-mount optical assembly, providing 12 channel full-duplex transceivers with clock data recovery (CDR) and front-panel Fiber I/O via MTP/MPO.

The transceivers are available in two speed grades - 10.6 Gb/s and 28.1 Gb/s per channel, both with multi-rate capability. The 10.6 Gb/s can drive 100 m over OM3 MM Fiber and 28.1 Gb/s can drive 100 m over the OM4 MM Fiber. The FMC258 FPGA mezzanine module also has an on board ultra-low jitter clock generator with two independent fractional PLL. The clocking allows synchronization to an external clock input or onboard. Six clocks are routed to the GBT’s on the FMC+ pinouts and two are routed to CLK0 and CLK1 for a total of 8 clock outputs. The module has 16 LEDs in green/yellow to allow for LNK/ACT, debugging or another user defined function.

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