Fraunhofer's LED-driven Li-Fi-system launches in Japan

May 14, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Fraunhofer's LED-driven Li-Fi-system launches in Japan
Following Fraunhofer HHI’s development of high speed Li-Fi, Japan-based telecoms system company and industry partner Sangikyo has launched a so-called LED Backhaul system. The LED-based optical link is initially being introduced as a 4K/8K Video Relay, which can achieve data rates between 100 and 750 megabits per second.

Fraunhofer HHI notes that the upcoming 5G network deployment calls for flexible solutions regarding frequency spectrum, and implementing optical links for data backhauling is one option.

Since 2014, HHI has pioneered the idea of a short-range optical wireless backhaul link through research in two European research projects ( SODALES and 5G Crosshaul ). Apart from backhauling, the newly-developed LED backhaul can be used as a flexible network, as a form of LAN extension if no cable is available. This is a conceivable solution for factories or subways, areas that are not easily penetrated by radio waves.

“We have worked with HHI to advance the joint development of high-speed wireless communication with LED light and have attained a realistic application. In the future, LED backhaul will be standardized by IEEE 802.15.13 and by international standardization activities of HHI”, commented Yasukazu Sengoku, COO of Sangikyo. Possible applications are wireless backhaul and fronthaul for 5G, wireless communication for industry 4.0 as well as in indoor areas alongside WiFi and LTE, for instance in conference rooms.

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