Fuji Pigment Co to manufacture perovskite quantum dots on a large scale

September 11, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Moving away from traditional semiconductor-based quantum dots including CdSe, CdS, InP, ZnS, InP/ZnS, CIS, AgInS2 CIS/ZnS, and PbS, Fuji Pigment Co. has been actively researching and developing perovskite-based quantum dots.

Aiming at producing cheaper quantum dots with a narrower emission spectra for better colour purity in display applications, the company claims it has successfully developed perovskite quantum dots with a quantum efficiency of 50 to 80% and a half width of 15 to 39nm in emission spectra. Based on CsPbX3 or CH3NH3PbX3 (X= Cl, Br, I) chemistries, the new quantum dots can be used with solvents such as hexane or toluene, but the company is working on finding alternative (and less toxic) solvents.

Fuji Pigment is also studying the feasibility to replace lead (Pb) with another element such as antimony (Sn), which is likely to widen the half width and decrease in quantum efficiency. In another line of research, Fuji Pigment is trying to coat the surface of its perovskite quantum dots with either polymers or inorganic materials which would enhance the quantum dot resistance against water, light and heat.

Doing all this, the company believe it will be first to commercialize perovskite quantum dots in volume.

Fuji Pigment Co - www.fuji-pigment.co.jp

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